Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson Guitar

Mike Robinson is a twenty two year old guitarist living in New York City. is currently a member of The Leeway, a  group based in Brooklyn, NY. He also plays in Taarka, a progressive acoustic group influenced by jazz, bluegrass and old time music among any other folk genres. Perhaps his most experimental project is his solo project: the New Prairie, In this band Mike explores various styles and plays his original music. 


Mike Robinson is a Brooklyn based Musician specializing in guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo and voice. He is currently a member of Railroad Earth and co leader of progressive acoustic group, The Freewheel Trio, and formerly a member of the Jeff Austin Band.

Mike has rarely been without guitar in his hands since he was six years old. Raised on a thirty-five foot sailboat, he was surrounded by music as his family traveled throughout the Caribbean for nearly half a decade. the Robinsons then moved to Boulder, Colorado where the vibrant acoustic music scene opened his ears to a new world of mountain music. He was soon performing weekly in his father’s quintet, getting him further immersed into the professional musical world. At age eighteen, Mike moved to New York City to study at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music where he graduated with a BFA in Jazz Studies. The aggressive, urban nature of New York brought out the audacious side of Mike’s playing; the perfect foil to his calm transcendental musical roots. By combining these disparate influences, Mike has created his own uniquely personal sound.